Lab diagnostics and Radiology

The SMC Health System is committed to excellence by providing quality service with integrity, efficiency and compassion in lab diagnostics and radiology.

Lab diagnostics

Our Laboratory is a vital component to providing safe quality healthcare. We provide diagnostic and treatment information for patients . we have partnered to branded and local pathology service providers which offer services both at clinics and at home also offering seamless patient care.

All our locations also provide laboratory services for patients of all ages.

Many lab test results can be viewed through secure online patient portal of respective service providers.

Imaging and Radiology

The use of imaging as a medical technique began more than a century ago when X-rays were discovered. It has since evolved into a complex science thanks to the development of advanced technological equipment which offers comprehensive views of the body, its organs, internal structures and function for diagnosis and treatment.

SMC Health System provides expert imaging services to adult and pediatric patients through its partners facilities at special rates to smc members.

We offer expert care in these areas:

  • Ultrasound

  • X-rays and other Diagnostic Imaging

  • Bone Density Test

  • Breast Imaging including mammography

  • CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

  • Large-Opening MRI

  • Nuclear Medicine including PET/CT imaging, thyroid uptake, bone scan, radiopharmaceutical therapy, lung scan, cardiac imaging and sentinel node imaging

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