Pediatric Cardiology ( Child Heart Specialist )

Pediatric cardiologists diagnose, treat, and manage heart problems in children, including

  • “Congenital heart disease” (heart differences children are born with), such as holes between chambers of the heart, valve problems, and abnormal blood vessels
  • “Arrhythmias”, or abnormal heart rhythms caused by the electrical system that controls the heart beat

Signs and symptoms

Examples of signs and symptoms evaluated in our Division of Pediatric Cardiology include:

  • Heart murmurs
  • Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm)
  • Tachycardia (fast heart rate)
  • Bradycardia (slow heart rate)
  • Syncope (fainting)

SURGICAL—procedures & conditions:

  • Tetralogy Of Fallot—Intracardiac Repair or BT shunt
  • VSD/ASD- Surgical closure
  • Transposition of Great Arteries: -Arterial Switch operation or Atrial Switch Operation
  • TAPVC – Surgical repair
  • Interruption of Aortic Arch/Co-arctation of Aorta—Surgical Arch repair (midline strenotomy or thoracotomy)
  • Single Ventricle Physiology(Univentricular Heart/Tricuspid Atresia/Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum/Complex Heart Disease with Unbalanced Ventricles) : – BT shunt or PA band initially, followed by Bi-directional Glenn Shunt at 6-9 months’ age & TCPC (Total Cavo- Pulmonary Connection) after 3 years’ age
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