Continuous Care Virtual Practice

Sky Medical is offering continuous care to its patients even between hospital or clinic visits. Missed appointments and lack of treatment plan adherence lead to poor health outcomes.

By giving patients easy access to remote care, they become more engaged in their healthcare with no extra work. This has long-term benefits to patients, their pocketbooks and the healthcare system, overall.

Continuous care / virtual practice account facilitates better communication with your doctors’s office by providing convenient and secure access from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

Connect with Your Doctor

  • Request prescription refills
  • Send secure messages to your physician
  • Take video consultations
  • Remote monitoring

View Your Medical Information

  • View visit summaries
  • View lab results
  • Track your health statistics with PHR

Secure And Convenient Access

This online patient portal can be easily accessed from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. With the ability of remote monitoring , sending your doctor messages, taking video consultations , managing your healthcare with PHR and communicating with your doctor’s office has never been easier.

Remote Monitoring for Chronic Diseases through Participatory care:

Our doctors can monitor your chronic diseases and help you manage those with your participation. This way the ups and down of your bp or sugar never troubles you and help you live uneventful life.

With Remote Monitoring, your doctors can keep track of how you’re doing between hospital visits. Receive feedback based on your health readings with customized plans created just for you.

The ‘Smart’ Health App

Save and share health data, test reports and track your health using Personal Health Records (PHR). This helps your health providers make better decisions about your care. Whether it is for self-management of health or for consultations with providers, your PHR is a life-saver.

Your Doctors, Anywhere, Any time

Consult with your healthcare providers without traveling or long waits. Ask a health question and even attach health reports to get answers to your health concerns.

Video consultations

You can also talk to your doctors using Video Consultations. Discuss your health concerns or let your doctors know how you’re feeling through a video session. An easy and convenient way to follow-up.

Health network – Get Updated Health Information

Get information you know you can trust, right from your healthcare providers. With the Health Network, you can be assured of have all the information needed to help you make better decisions about your health.

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